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confirming rebekah brooks has been arrested in the hacking scandal. brooks resigned last week. she was formerly the editor of the "news of the world" newspaper. brooks is the 10th person arrested by british police in their investigation of phone hacking by newspapers and allegations of police bribery. we'll get more on this story in just a few minutes from our thrown bureau live there. >>> emergency and health be officials are warning the shaet on for much of the midwest and the northeast. forecasters say temperatures in the nation's mid-section are running 15 degrees higher than normal, even hitting triple digits in some places. the big question is there any relief in sight. alex wallace has an update. it's the duration that we're concerned about here. >> absolutely, you know if it was one or two days we could take it. we've complained but we can handle it. unfortunately we're talking about all the way through at least the end of next week having to deal with this heat and because of that we got excessive heat warns that stretch as you mentioned right in the mid-section of the cou
that far. but earlier today rebekah brooks was arrested in connection with the "news of the world" investigation. brooks is of course the former editor of the paper. and until friday she was the chief executive of news international, which is a british wing of murdoch's newscorp. now, police initially announced just a few hours ago that a 43-year-old woman had been arrested, being questioned on suspicion of conspiring into thear september communications and suspicion of corruption who we learned related to rebekah broo brooks. those related to phone hacking and bribes. she voluntarily attended a police station to assist in the investigation in what was a prearranged appointment. it does not seem, however -- it does seem, rather, that the arrest came as a bit of a surprise to her. now, her arrest comes today when news international had given another full-page apology in british newspapers here, stating that they would fully cooperate with the police and that there was nowhere to hide those who had done any misdoings. this comes just two days before rebekah brooks and rupert murdoch
investigation is rebekah brooks. she's the 10th person arrested in the "news of the world" case and the questions about why and how the phone hacking of certain high-profile individuals has happened. we're just getting that information here to msnbc. we'll have a live report from london. stay with us. we set our goals higher than anyone. perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda-process-verified programs for fresh all-natural chicken. [ joe ] we never have used steroids or hormones of any type, and always raised cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken. ♪ and always raised cage-free. ♪ ♪ ♪ introducing purina one beyond a new food for your cat or dog. hey, dad, you think i could drive? i'll tell you what -- when we stop to fill it up. ♪ ♪ [ son ] you realize, it's gotta run out sometime. [ male announcer ] jetta tdi clean diesel. the turbo that gets 42 miles per gallon. ♪ >>> we got some breaking news for you this morning from london. there's been another arrest. it's a big name. we go to london for the latest. good morning. what can you
at this hour from london, itn sources confirm that rebekah brooks, the former ceo of rupert murdoch's corporation in britain, has been arrested in the hacking scandal. brooks resigned last week. she was formerly the editor of the now-defunct "news of the world" newspaper. brooks is the tenth person arrested by british police in their investigation of phone hacking by newspapers and allegations of police bribery. >>> california senator barbara boxer was the target of alleged death threats. the threatening messages were left on voicemail, and police say they were able to track them back to a 47-year-old suspect who lived north of san francisco. he was arrested and faces arraignment on tuesday. >>> they touted it as a traffic nightmare from out of a disaster film, all because of a construction project near interstate 405 in southern california. but despite fears of a so-called carmageddon, drivers seem to have been spared that drama. officials credit warnings on social media sites like twitter with helping keeping -- helping to keep people off the roads. the 405 is expected to reopen b
from rebekah brooks. if you see it he was trying to get a pie in the face of rupert murdoch. if we can get that shot back up again, you can see in niz left hand a tin -- and see if we can get that shot back up. it looks like he had a tin in his left hand a cream pie that he was going to smash in the face of rupert murdoch during these hearings. the man was quickly taken away in handcuffs. you saw the images of him outside he had something all over his face. wendy dang in the pink jumping up. she is a volleyball player. that looks like a spike. she's known to be a fan of volleyball. anyway, you can see the pie right there trying to get in the face of rupert murdoch. the woman in the gray i'm not sure who she is. she was sitting to the left op of wendy dang. michelle is with us now. is this ovenly some type of protesters coming in to disrupt this and create a true embarrassment to rupert murdoch by delivering a pie in the face? >> we guess. we're basically looking at the exact same pictures that you are. and we're seeing a feed from all over sources here in the uk. it's the same picture
're summoning rupert murdoch, his son and rebecca brooks at the heart of this scandal from the beginning. s the important to note this is not like a u.s. subpoena to appear. it's unclear what kind of legal grounds there are to compel them to show up. it's kind of like a firm ichb tags. if they do, they would be expected to answer some questions on tuesday. there's some theory that perhaps murdoch would want this opportunity to defend his corporation and also as you know, he is pending a very large media deal here worth billions of dollars that he wants to continue to support. and wants the government here to support. richard? >> stephanie as we do look at what's happening so far, has there been any response or have we heard anything from brown anything as of yet? >> the media allegations over the last 24 hours show a concerted campaign by rupert murdoch's papers to go after brown and go after his personal information financial and in one case medical as well. brown responded today after lots of media conch on this issue he was particularly passionate in an interview with the bbc over an inc
papers, "the wall street journal." nbc's stephanie gos k is in london. what's rebecca brooks saying about her resignation. >> she wrote a letter to her staff. in that letter she reiterated her apologies for what she now knows was happening at news of the world while she was there. she goes on to say her position was becoming a distraction to what she calls their genuine efforts to try to fix mistakes of the past. call it damage control or call it genuine efforts to fix those mistakes, it is definitely in high gear today. you have rupert murdoch meeting the family of the 13-year-old who was a murder victim and had her phone tapped. and rebeck ka brooks was the editor of news oof the world when that happened. it ends a week of lottings of casualties for news corp. this is just the latest. contessa. >> what about rupert murdoch's interview with "the wall street journal"? is he owning up to any responsibility in all of this. >> he does seem to be deflecting a little bit. he is making the point of addressing the allegations. we have a couple of quotes from that interview for you. the first he
of psychologicalland yard. we've seen ten arrests to date and some high profile arrests as well, rebeck ka brooks, the chief executive of murdoch's british media holdings who says it was a complete surprise when she showed up sunday in a prearranged appointment with police and subsequently held for nine hours, questioned and then released on bail. in all of this, contessa, more pressure on the murdoch family. clearly we're going to see 80-year-old rupert murdoch. tomorrow his 38-year-old son james and rebeckka brooks are expected to appear before the committee and answer that barrage of questions. there's questions on david cameron the british p.m. he's in south africa. today he addressed the phone hacking scandal. he's clearly standing his ground. here's a little bit of what david cameron had to say. >> what the government wants to do here is what i think the whole country wants to do which is to make sure we sort out this issue, we have a proper police investigation, a proper inquiry into what went wrong at news international and news of the world and proper arrangements for the future so that
to be reached. right now it looks like we're in a game of the brinks manningship. >> this week david brooks which i'm sure you're familiar with this article in "the new york times" saying quote, if responsible republicans don't take control independents will conclude that republican fanaticism caused the default. they will conclude that republicans are not fit to govern and they will be right, end quote. so are republicans giving too much weight to the tea party caucus right now? what do you think? >> i don't think so. if you paid attention, i know you did and jamal did to the elections last year, we saw a lot of democrats campaigning not to raise taxes in a time of recession. that that would be a jobs killer. an economic mess for us. and we want to listen to those democrats who push that in november, certainly a lot of republicans did as well or republican leadership pushes that. that's good and proper. we want to remember that the bush tax cuts as they're called really have become democrat tax cuts. they were signed into law and passed by a democrat house and senate. >> as we look at this
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on the hacking scandal. rebecca brooks agreed to testify but the murdochs initially balked. some u.s. lawmakers are also calling for federal investigations into allegations news corp journalists hacked into the voice mail accounts of september 11th victims. senator robert menendez, a new jersey democrat, wrote to attorney general eric holder saying the possibility this happened is quote, horrifying. republican congressman peter king of new york described the alleged hacking as unjustifiable and parasitic. has news international responded to the 9/11 allegations? >> yes, they have. it's really important to point out that this stems from a report in a tabloid article last sunday here in the uk. in that report there was an unnamed source that spoke to an unnamed former police officer who alleges that he was approached by "news of the world" to tap the victims' phones from 9/11 and he said he denied it. very, very thin but it has gained some traction and that's why we're seeing u.s. lawmakers talking about it. when i spoke with news international this morning, they had this to say. they said news i
. >> especially in manhattan, which is the iconic city. they're offering some couples to go to brook len or staten island. >> when do they find out, or have they? >> they found out so they can make plans with their families. >> okay. was that a surprise the number of couples who applied for it that they would fill up the lottery and some were saying, oh, my gosh, this is going to be thousands and thousands that will come in just for this iconic note of having this done on the first day. >> i think they expected more, but after people got wind of all the lines and everything, i think some people -- you can get married or do we wait and just hang out as partners still. >> they're going to have to have the talk. it's not just kind of like hypothetical. >> pressure for parents as well. >> just like any heterosexual couple getting married. do you expect many more marriages in the following days? is there an indication of people keeping on filling out these applications for marriage licenses? >> i think so. you know, they have a sense that there will probably be thousands more this week, but at the same
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to solve our fiscal crisis. >> congressman mo brooks is a republican from alabama. good to see you today. >> thank you for the opportunity. >> why waste time on cut, cap and balance if it is doa? >> i hope that senator schumer is in error. i believe the american people firmly believe in cutting expenditures, capping how big the government's going to be. and far more important is a balanced budget constitutional amendment that will prevent future generations from being in the kind of financial crisis we're in today. senator schumer is wrong in his view. >> in this whole effort to battle out -- you're saying that he's wrong in his view. here's the battle. you've got three different kinds of plans moving forward. none of them with a clear majority. and president obama has said he would veto this cut, cap and balance plan. the senate says there's no way it's making its way through the senate. how do you see it has any chance of success? >> let's talk about our plan a, which we've done a little bit of, let's talk about the absence of a plan a from the senate or the white house. i think it's p
yoga pants for everything. hiking, biking, pilates... [ woman ] brooke... okay. i wear yoga pants because i am too lazy for real pants. that's my tide. what's yours? ampblts new report con cluz there's not enough evidence to determine if smoke in the cloud produced by the 9/11 attack on the world trade center caused cancer. it's a huge set back to grounds zero rescue and recovery workers who have been diagnosed with cancer since the attacks. it means now that they do not qualify for federal benefits either for treatment or compensation under the 9/11 health and compensation act. that report was released by dchlt john howard the director of the cdcs national institute for occupational safety and health. right now he's declining interviews saying this is just the first review and they're planning on another review next year. ken any spect was a 9/11 first responder. you also survived thyroid cancer. do you draw a link between your work at ground zero and your cancer? >> absolutely. if i was dr. howard i wouldn't take any interviews either. it's appalling and disgusting. the going to
having the former editor, rebecca brooks, let go in some way. she's now a key executive for rupert murdoch but she was on watch at the time that most of the egregious, allegedly egregious hacking incidents took place. you referred to the hacking of the phone numbers of relatives of crime victims, murder victims, that sort of thing. the relatives of soldiers slain in iraq and afghanistan also allegedly hacked. that's the thing about this story. it's one thing to say that celebrities and athletes and politicians' numbers were hacked. they are not particularly sympathetic figures for the general public. but when you talk about members of the general public, just people, just victims, people grieving over the recent knowledge that a loved one has been killed, that's something that everybody on all sides of the aisle have called appalling and deplorable and unacceptable. the statement by james murdoch today, i just had a chance to read it through. it's a long, perhaps 1500 word statement. in it, he says the good things that the "news of the world" does, this is the largest english langu
to it and pull out. murdoch has flown here to show his support for rebecca brook who was editor of the news of the world as well as support for his son. >> are we talking about billions of dollars here? what size of deal is at risk here for rupert murdoch and his empire? >> it's a $14 billion deal in. the scope of murdoch's business this is not so big that it's going to be detrimental. for his image there's a problem. there's talk of new investigations of news corp. holding that includes holdsings in the u.s. as well. nothing has been announced so far. but it certainly does taint his image and the image of his company. right now here in the uk they are facing huge public anger over this incident. >> thank you. >>> coming up, sarah palin still has not yet announced whether she will run for president but she's pretty optimistic about her chance. >>> plus a restaurant owner is catching some heat for his new policy, no children under 6. >>> right now thousands of people are attending the funeral of a texas rangers fan who fell to his death trying to catch a ball for his son. 39-year-old shannon
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)